How it works / FAQ


How does it work? What does the flower of the week offer?

It's simple, Dallas. You get a fresh bouquet of premium flowers delivered to your door on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis. Choosing flowers based on seasonality allows us to deliver the highest quality flowers at the most affordable price.

One-time delivery is $30 per bouquet and subscriptions are $30 per week, delivery included. ***Be advised: we only carry one mixed bouquet and one single-variety bouquet per week. Whatever bouquet we offer the week of your scheduled delivery is the bouquet we will deliver.***

No hidden fees tacked on like with the nation-wide online retailers. No price changes from week to week. No needless upcharges for unnecessary services. Go local and get a better bouquet for your home, your business, or as a fun gift.

Why us?

By offering one single-variety bouquet and one mixed bouquet each week we can keep the final retail price down while delivering premium quality flowers. Other online floral retailers offer lower quality flowers at a higher price; and that rarely includes the price of delivery. What's more, their flowers have usually been sitting for days before they get to you. We receive our flowers daily.

Why flowers?

Because they brighten your day and bring a smile to your face. We are instinctlively drawn to the simple beauty of flowers. You can't deny the positive effect flowers bring to any space.

Why is the flower of the week an asset for your business?

There is no substitute for real flowers. They add an indefinable brightness to any room. And we take the hassle out of the process by putting your bouquet on auto-pilot. Instantly make any space that much more inviting for your customers.

Accentuate your design aesthetic with the clean, natural notes flowers provide.

For those looking to give a thoughtful gift to clients after the sale of a home, car, or any high-priced item, what better way to ensure your client remembers you fondly and remains happy to, and through, the sale? Give the gift of flowers and be on their mind every day of the month.

By the way, flowers are tax deductible as 1) a gift up to $25 as well as 2) an office fixture.

Are y'all local?

Yep. We're a local Dallas business owned by lifelong Dallasites. 

What are my buying options? Must I order a subscription to get a bouquet?

You do not have to subscribe. One-time bouquet deliveries are available for same-day and future date delivery. Our subscription service delivers on weekly/bi-weekly/monthly intervals.

  • ONE-TIME DELIVERY- $30 - For delivery by 4:30 PM, order by Noon AT ANY DAY IN THE FUTURE. For delivery by 8:00 PM, order by 4:00 PM.
  • SUBSCRIPTION - $30 per week - For flower delivery at a recurring interval of your choice: once a week, twice a month, or once a month. Skip, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time. 

Gift options?

Gift card.

Leave a special comment for personalization.

Do the flowers come in a vase?

All one-time bouquets and subscriptions come with a complimentary vase upon first delivery. All subsequent deliveries for subscription clients will contain bouquets cut to fit perfectly into the that complimentary vase. ***If you cancel a subscription after one week, we will charge $6 for the vase. This is to prevent people from gaming the system.***

Vase offerings?

Cylinder = 3.5" opening, 7" tall 

Can I buy flowers for a special occasion or event? (e.g. weddings, graduations, anniversaries, banquets, birthdays, etc)

We do not arrange for events but for DIY types who want to do their own arranging we do offer bulk orders. Please place your bulk order by Wednesday night prior to the week of your event to ensure you get your flowers. You will receive whichever bouquet we happen to offer the week of your event. Just email us at or contact us.





Where do you deliver?

To keep delivery costs down -resulting in more affordable flowers for you- we only deliver in the dense urban core of Dallas. See our service ZIP codes in the table below.

DOWNTOWN (includes Deep Ellum and Baylor) 75201, 75202, 75210, 75226, 75210
UPTOWN (includes Oak Lawn, Turtle Creek, Knox Henderson) 75204, 75219, 75246
NORTH (includes Park Cities, SMU, the Village, Preston Hollow) 75205, 75219, 75246
EAST (includes Old East Dallas, Greenville Ave, M Streets, Lakewood) 75206, 75214
WEST (includes Bishop Arts/Trinity Groves, Design District, Love Field) 75207, 75247, 75235, 75209


When do you deliver?

We deliver Monday- Saturday, 11 AM - 8 PM. Monday is our primary business delivery day so please be sure to denote the bouquet delivery is for a business if you need your flowers from the start of the work week.

Acceptable delivery locations?

Homes, apartment buildings and complexes, schools, businesses, hospitals, nursing homes... Anywhere with a physical adddress inside our Dallas, TX service area.

When we get enough interest in certain ZIP codes we will expand our delivery area accordingly.

What if no one is around at the time of the delivery?

If we are unable to leave the bouquet with a human being, we will leave the bouquet at your front door or in a covered area close by. We prefer to make in-person deliveries as this ensures the highest quality flower.

But we get it, you can't always be there for a delivery. For this reason we created two delivery windows to minimize the time your flowers are left outside -especially in the summer. If you know you won't be home during the day because you are at work or school please choose the latest delivery window. Business customers should choose the earlier window on Mondays to ensure they have their bouquet for the full work week.

Do you notify me of delivery?

Yes, we send you a reminder email the day before your bouquet is delivered as well as an email notification just after your bouquet has been delivered.

When can I have the bouquet delivered?

Any day of your choosing, Monday - Friday. 

Select either the early delivery window (11-4pm) or the later delivery window (4-8 pm).

Can I send flowers to multiple people/addresses?

Yes. You will be able to send multiple bouquets to multiple addresses under a single customer account but you must process each multiple address as a seperate transaction. 

Buy one bouquet for one address, complete the purchase, then begin another purchase for a new delivery address.




Billing schedule?

For subscriptions, your card will be charged on the day you first place your order. All subsequent recurring chargers for your subscription will be charged the day of the week you choose for delivery. For instance, if you choose to receive your bouquet on Monday your card will charged every Monday. If you choose to receive your bouquet on Tuesday your card will be charged every Tuesday, etc.

One time bouquets for same day or future delivery are charged at the time of purchase.



Ordering process?


  1. Choose your desired delivery frequency - [one-time delivery for same-day or future date] . [once a week] . [twice a month] . [once a month]
  2. Choose your preferred delivery window, either 11:00 - 4:00 PM or 4:00 - 8:00 PM. If we are unable to make an in person delivery, then we want to minimize the amount of time the flowers are outside as much as possible. If you are at your delivery address during the day or get home earlier in the day, please choose the earlier delivery window. If you are not at your delivery address during the day or get home later in the day, please choose the later delivery window.
  3. Fill out the required fields. All pertinent info for the delivery recipient as well as personalized messages or special instructions.

Skip, pause, or cancel your subscription at anytime. Simply sign in to your account and manage your own subscription. Feel free to email us with any concerns. Contact us.


Can I get a bigger bouquet?

For larger bouquets simply add another bouquet to our standard size. At checkout choose 2 bouquets instead of one.

1 bouquet = standard size = $30

2 bouquets = bigger size = $60


Can I leave a custom message for the recipient?

Yes, you can leave a custom message up to 300 characters long.



Can I skip a week or indefinitely pause my subscription?

For sure. Just go into your account and either skip a week or place your subsciption on hold indefinitely for as long/as little as you like.

Sign in to your account  > click on "manage subscription"  > skip or pause subscription.

Feel free to contact us with any concerns.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You are not tied into any kind of contract. Feel free to cancel at anytime. Sign in to your account  > click on "manage subscription"  > cancel subscription.

If you cancel your subscription after your first delivery we will charge $6 for the vase to guard against people gaming the system.

Be sure to cancel your subscription by 11:59 PM two days before your normally schdeuled delivery day. For instance, if your subscription delivers ever Monday be sure to cancel by Saturday night at 11:59 PM. If your subscription delivers on Tuesday be sure to cancel by Sunday night at 11:59 PM, etc.

Contact us with any concerns.

Do I ever get a subscription discount?

Get $10 off for every month of bouquets you receive. Instead of $120 for 4 weeks of flowers you will pay $110 for every 4 weeks.

Lock in for 52 weeks of flowers and you only pay $100 for every 4 weeks.



Do I get to pick the type of flower(s) delivered?

We pick the flower offerings each week.

Having only two bouquets each week allows us to cut down on waste and keep costs down, giving you the most affordable price for premium quality flowers.

We are sure to design the most stylish mixed-variety bouquets and elegant single-variety from a selection of in-season flowers.

How long do the flowers last?

Our bouquets are ultra-fresh. Unsurprisingly, flowers are delicate so they need to be treated with care. Unlike national online retailers and grocery stores our flowers have not been sitting in a fridge or in a bucket for days on end. Our flowers are guaranteed to have a shelf life of 5-12 days when minding general care instructions. Certain flowers can last for two weeks or more. Use a bud vase to display the flowers with more longevity.

How should I care for my flowers?

Visit the care instructions page for our video containing tips on flower arrangement as well as general care.



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