About Us

We noticed most flower arrangements nowadays are stale and old-looking. The quality is usually sub-par and the flowers die within a couple of days. Not only that, flowers are expensive.

We want to make flowers more accessible and flower delivery less of a hassle. Our new flower delivery service keeps your home or business stocked with an ultra-fresh bouquet of ever-changing flowers throughout the year. One single-variety bouquet and one mixed-variety bouquet offering each week. We notify you every Monday morning of the upcoming week's offerings via our short weekly newsletter or our various social media accounts.

Choosing flowers based on seasonality allows us to deliver the highest quality flowers at the lowest price. And by being hyper-local(only offering bouquet deliveries in the denser urban core of Dallas) we can keep delivery costs down compared to traditional online flower retailers. Through a florist, you could expect to easily pay $50-60, if not more, for our premium quality bouquets.

The Flower of the Week is proudly Texan owned-and-operated. Our suppliers are local DFW businesses and we make a point to patronize Texan-owned businesses whenever possible.

HOURS: Deliveries occur 11 AM - 8 PM, Monday - Saturday

EMAIL: info@theflowerofthweek.com - Contact us here.


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